The Princess, Bermuda

Some people think that they have to go to exotic Asian places just to experience refreshing holidays. Though this can be true for some, it is good to remember that there are other fascinating places in the West, too. Before you book a flight to accompany your friend who is having a Boob job in thailand, you can search for other options like the Princess Hamilton Hotel, Bermuda. If you haven't been to this place yet, here are some things that you can expect on your visit and other things that you can see in Bermuda.

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The Princess

The Princess Hamilton Hotel is among the oldest and grandest hotels in the world. It contains four hundred rooms and was named after Princess Louise, the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria. It is situated outside the city of Hamilton and was coined by the Queen's daughter as a place of eternal spring. Due to its welcoming climate during the winter months, it has become a perfect getaway spot for aristocrats during the late 1800s. Back in the day, people would go to Bermuda through sails and steamships and was noted as one of the most difficult places to reach. Despite the challenges of getting there, Princess Louise is always eager to visit the place for its beauty and tranquility.

Other Interesting Spots in Bermuda

There are lots of things to see in Bermuda. Whether you are looking for historical spots or just wanting to relax, you can definitely satisfy your holidays in this place. After the Second World War, more visitors have flocked into the area, which is why many business owners already know how they can pamper visitors. If you haven't created your itinerary yet, here are some suggestions that you can include in your list.

Bermuda Naval Base and Army Garrison

HMD Bermuda or HerHis Majesty's Dockyard, Bermuda used to be the home of the Royal Navy in the Western Atlantic during the late 1700s. It was used to protect Britain from maritime threats from other powers. Apart from the nice weather and majestic surroundings, some parents used to bring their daughters in this area in hopes that they could marry military and naval officers from aristocratic families. As Princess Louise would normally sponsor dance socials and other events, there are heaps of chances for officers and guests to mingle with each other. The very colourful history in the Royal Naval Dockyard has attracted many writers and curious minds to visit from time to time so they can feel and unlock more stories from the past.


Among the simple and relaxing things to do at The Princess Hotel is to sit back and view the harbour. If you are the type who loves the serenity of blue skies and clouds, this can be a great option for you. Just book for the Deluxe or Signature Room that offers the Harbour View and you can enjoy your holidays effortlessly. Not very far from the harbour are shops and restaurants so you can grab what you need easily as you tour this magnificent place.